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Emphasizing the naive style of the modern and urban man, Giovane Gentile impresses with its shirt, trousers, knitwear, and coat models as well as coat options with an elegant elegance. The designs, which are powered by the dynamic energy of daily life, are marked by touches that add the style codes of elegance and charisma. Comfort, elegance, and functionality come to the fore in designs that add eye-catching details to the men's silhouette. Designed for men who want to be protected from the chilling effect of cold weather with maximum elegance, Giovane Gentile branded coats offer functional features with techno wool fabrics.

Discover the Elegance Created with Professional Touches
Giovane Gentile branded coat models come to life with the luxurious texture of wool and cashmere. The texture of the soft fabric that perfectly wraps the body turns into a perfect design with skillful workmanship in the pocket and closing details. Blended with the main colors of professional business style such as camel, black, anthracite, gray, and navy blue, the color scale is kept quite wide in the collection. Coat options, which you can pair with suits, turtlenecks, and different knitwear models, are designed in different sizes to accommodate all kinds of body sizes. The comfortable and slim-fit options of the products, designed for different body types, have qualities that meet the tastes of users of all tastes. Functional and versatile pockets also give the products a dynamic and sporty youthful look with their clamshell forms. Including designs with water-repellent properties in the fabric choices of the coats prevents water from penetrating inside in rainy weather, allowing for a more functional use.

Coats Designed with Fine and Elegant Details
Coat models that allow you to protect yourself in cold weather without compromising your elegance attract attention with their removable options with wide fur collars. Coats with mono collar and detachable shearling details manage to meet the outerwear expectations of men with all kinds of clothing tastes with their functional design features. Fur collars not only give the coat models a cool and luxurious look but also make a difference with their functional feature that allows you to keep your neck warmer. In addition to the models of the products designed with solid colored fabrics, the options produced with plaids that never lose their trendy stance in any season also offer alternatives with a high dose of elegance. The product models that you can complement with the accessory options in Giovane Gentile collections are the signature of a professional stance from head to toe. Leather gloves, scarves, and beanie models contain elegant details that will contribute to making you feel free and comfortable enough in the winter season.

An Inspiring Style: Giovane Gentile
Designed in long and short forms, Giovane Gentile branded coat models take their place in winter wardrobes as complementary products for many different preferences, from casual smart clothing styles to clothing styles with completely classic lines. The models that capture the elegance in simple elegance thanks to the small nuances that are skillfully detailed, give privilege to the coat models in the collection. Coat options, which are preferred by young urban professionals who always feel young, are presented in privileged collections with the most striking models of business wear style. The product options, which complement the sporty style as perfectly as the business wear style products promise a comfortable and elegant elegance in the transition from the dynamic atmosphere of business life to social life at the end of the day. Coats that reveal your sporty style in a comfortable and free way transform denim pants and knitwear ensembles into an artistic silhouette with eye-catching details, just like classic products. The product collection, which has a perfection that breaks all the memorization about fashion, offers you the key to the striking style you need to feel stylish and charismatic from head to toe.

Pardon The

Topcoats, one of the savior designs of the transitional seasons, transform into a privileged style with the signature of Giovane Gentile. Inspired by the elegant touches of art, the selection of topcoats, which impress with their models, adds a striking look to men's charisma with their quality features and stylish silhouettes. Designed with aesthetic details suitable for the clothing style of the modern urban man, the products offer a lightweight alternative for protection from cool and windy weather. The colors of overcoat models that support sporty and classic clothing styles make it easy to team the products with different clothing options.

Sporty, Dynamic, and Stylish The
models in the Giovane Gentile topcoat collection provide comfortable protection without sweating with their breathable structure. Especially in rainy weather, the water-repellent feature that easily repels water away from the topcoat prevents wetness from seeping inside. The design details that keep the wetness out in cold and rainy weather allow you to always feel dry and comfortable. Thanks to the wind-resistant structure of the products, cool air cannot penetrate through the fabric of the topcoat. Thanks to its buttoned and belted design, the topcoat models gain a dynamic look, thus maximizing protection from wind and cold weather. The belt detail on the sleeve cuffs of the products not only adds movement to the topcoat design but also functionally prevents the wind from entering. The brand logo used on Giovane Gentile's designed products gives the product a privileged identity. The topcoat models, which are preferred by men who want to show their difference and line in every environment, are designed with color options such as gray, black, and navy blue, especially in earth colors. The wide range of sizes of the products, ranging from size 46 to 62, allows users of all body types to have the product they want easily.

Topcoat Models Designed with Strong Lines
Topcoat silhouettes reinforced with an English collar design bear the signature of the Giovane Gentile brand. There are models of the products produced with fabrics designed with 100% wool material, as well as different varieties with polyester and waterproof features. The products, which you can easily team with models such as denim trousers and canvas trousers, which are sporty clothing products, also create stylish combinations with classic style trousers. You can use the products with knitwear, denim, or cashmere trousers, or you can easily choose them with classic suit models. You can easily achieve the charismatic silhouette you need for a flawless professional stance with Giovane Gentile branded topcoats. External pockets with button closures add a striking detail to the designs, while at the same time providing excellent protection for your cold hands in cold weather. You can get a functional elegance detail by teaming Giovane Gentile topcoats with privileged products such as scarves and gloves in the accessories selection. In the collection that brings accessible luxury to your style with the most assertive designs, you can also find different shoe options that will enrich your topcoat ensembles in transitional seasons.

Topcoat Collection Offering Rich Options
Giovane Gentile topcoat models offer multiple-choice alternatives with designs that respond to different wearing habits. The models of the products designed in short and longer forms provide a great advantage to meeting criteria such as the length of your height and wearing comfort. Overcoat models with different cuts that you can choose according to your body structure are produced with regular-fit and slim-fit patterns. Modern men who prefer casual and business-style clothing strengthen their style with topcoat models designed with different patterns. Overcoats, one of the key pieces of wardrobes, provide great convenience in transitional seasons such as fall and spring. Turtleneck sweaters and wool knitwear make up the most assertive upper clothing group products of these ensembles. Overcoats, which you can easily include in weekday and weekend ensembles, provide a comfortable wearing experience with their flexible and comfortable features. You can easily choose the topcoat models that you can have with privileged price options from the Giovane Gentile collection.

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